Air Force Instructions and Official Guidance

If any of these links are broken or out-of-date, please visit the USAF ePubs website and search for the number of the document, or use Google to try to find a new copy.

AFROTC Cadet Operations

AFROTCI 36-2011 – Cadet Operations (PDF) CAO 21 June 2023 – This is the main governing document for all AFROTC operations and cadet policies. It’s a good idea to reference this document when you have a question about an AFROTC policy.


AFMAN 36-2032 – Military Recruiting and Accessions (PDF) CAO 9 March 2023 – Guidance for recruiting and joining the military for both officer and enlisted members. Has a section for AFROTC with high-level guidance.

DoDI 6130.03 – Medical Standards (PDF) CAO November 16, 2022 – Medical standards for joining the military. These are the standards DoDMERB uses to determine if someone is qualified to serve in the military or not.


DAFMAN 36-2664 – Personnel Assessment Program (PDF) CAO 18 January 2023 – This manual has information about the AFOQT and TBAS tests.

Dress and Appearance

DAFI 36-2903 – Dress and Appearance (PDF) CAO 31 March 2023 – This DAFI governs dress and appearance standards for active duty USAF and USSF members. This instruction also applies to cadets, except where it differs by the AFROTC Supplement below.

AFROTC Supplement to DAFI 36-2903 (PDF) CAO 18 November 2021 – This document updates the above DAFI 36-2903. The section markings tell you where the instructions for AFROTC cadets differ from active duty members.

Memo updating AFROTC Supplement to DAFI 36-2903 (PNG) CAO 3 December, 2021 – This memo provides a couple of minor updates to the AFROTC supplement.

Dining Out Guidance

AFPAM 34-1202 – Guide to Protocol (PDF) CAO 8 May 2019 – Chapter 8 covers dinings in and out, formal military banquets. The rest of this pamphlet may be helpful if a high ranking individual is visiting the detachment.

Holm Center T-1626 – Dining-In/Dining-Out Guide (PDF) CAO 2008 – A Holm Center guide for dining-in/dining-out. Very similar to the AFPAM above

New Lieutenant Guidance

Air and Space Force Second Lieutenant Guide (PDF) CAO 9 Mar 2021 - A guide compiled by a few AFROTC cadre members to guide new Lieutenants through the first year or two of serving in the military.

Leadership resources

MSgt White's Know Your Airman Feedback Guide (Word) - A guide that cadet leaders could use to guide their feedback sessions with other cadets.


DAFMAN 36-2905 - Department of the Air Force Physical Fitness Program (PDF) CAO 21 April 2022 - Official rules and regulations on taking the Air Force fitness test.

Height / Weight measurement chart (PDF) - Nice chart to put on the wall of your det to get the various measurements correct for BMI/BF.

ICARUS rulebook (PDF) - An Airpower-related game to play for PT.